Strategic Manufacturing Group International
is not your typical investment group.

We offer high level, international experienced people
that have passion for manufacturing and making
companies thrive.
We breathe manufacturing.

That is why our biggest advantage for you is not
so much the financial capital, but the intellectual

Most investment groups can bring you ‘a bag of money’.
Almost no group bring high level strategic
intellect specialized in manufacturing.

By understanding the industry and having over
a decade of experience in various sectors our
intellectual capital will enable your company to
thrive and show increased efficiency.

Tom Deurloo

Tom Deurloo


Tom is a very experienced CEO having worked worldwide in manufacturing.
Proven ability and trackrecord in helping to grow and improve both existing  companies as well as starts ups in various parts of the world. Ability to support companies in all aspects of improving organisation, strategy, sales,  profit, internationalization as well as integration of functions, processes and

Degrees in Process Engineering, Chemical Engineering as well as Business Administration and Economics.

Decades at Akzo Nobel provided a very strong base  in management, business development and leadership. The decades there after are filled with experience worldwide (Europe, China, developing regions) in supporting various manufacturing companies in reaching their goals.

Jean-Paul Harteman

Jean-Paul Harteman


Jean-Paul is a senior executive with broad and international work experience  in sales, production, supply chain management and business development gained at Aalberst Industries, Hittech, MCB, Boer&Croon, Nordeon GmbH (Philips) and more.

He holds an MBA in Economics and industrial engineering.

Jean-Paul has proven to be successful in reorganisations, optimisations, turn-around management, supplier management, setting up and/or expanding international sales and supply chain, cost price decreases and delivery time reduction.

Keywords are Commercial sense with financial focus, Pragmatic, Inspiring, International and Strategy.


Jos van Unen

Jos van Unen

Strategy Director

Jos is known as a passionate visionairy, leader and teambuilder.
Where most companies have technical expertise, Jos ads value
through commercial strategy and action.

Over 15 years of experience in sales and (marketing / M&A) strategy as well as team management. Both offline & online experience.
Increasing revenue in (non) orthodox ways, as well as account
management and contract (re) negotiation.

Jos oversees the overall strategy, selects companies to be part
of our beautiful group and is always looking for / working on
creating synergies as well as M&A strategy.

Jos has an enormous drive to build and create great companies that are focused on healthy growth/efficiency, added value and continuity.

Rosalinde Jansen

Rosalinde Jansen

Office Manager