Investment Criteria

SMGI is a no-nonsense investment group that acts in behalf
of the companies health on both the short and long term.

Therefore we use guidelines that help us maintain
quality and continuïty of our companies.

We happily work together with motivated sellers
who are in line with our methodology:


  • Growing and/or stable companies with serious growthpotential.
  • SMGI does not invest in start ups or troubled companies.
    (negative or declining cashflow)


Sweet spot is revenue up to €80M
Free cashflow  minimum of €1M

In special cases we invest in smaller companies
when there is real added value to be expected from
both sides.

  • We only entertain acquisitions where the owner is
    willing to take back paper.
  • We only entertain acquisitions with sellers that will
    discuss a price that is healthy for the continuïty
    of the company.


We integrate all companies into our group through a majority stake.
Depending on your phase as a business owner this can work

  • together with you while being a strategic growth partner that helps
    you bring the company to that next level
  • together with you for a smooth transition while you phase out /
    work less hours to enjoy more freetime, familytime etc.

Sector focus:


  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Aerospace
  • Automation
  • Composites

As most company take overs don’t end well, because of
factors AFTER the sale, we strongly hold on to the following
principles to maximize the chances of continuïty for the
business and its employees:

SMGI does not entertain:

  • Sellers that hand over the key and dissapear
  • Sellers who don’t have the continuïty of the business on #1
  • Sellers who expect 100% of the price upfront
  • Sellers who don’t have their financial data in order
  • Sellers who are emotionally overattached to the business

Sellers that we work with value:

  • Strong, trust-based relationships
  • No Ego’s, but focused teamwork on what’s best for the company
  • Financial co-investment from the seller ( through a vendor loan )
  • Partnership after selling to enable solid continuïty of the company
  • Similar values and vision for the company

When considering a new investment, SMGI undertakes careful due diligence, which is the in-depth analysis and assessment of the commercial, legal, financial, technical and environmental aspects of a company targeted for investment.